Cougar-Cub Relationships: What Are They?

A cougar-cub relationship is the relationship between an older woman and a younger man. The woman in question is usually in her late forties or older while the man is often quite a bit younger, perhaps in his twenties. There are a great many misconceptions concerning a cougar-cub relationship, a few of which will be listed here.

1) The term cougar applies to any old woman looking for a younger man

Older women do not generally lust after younger men. More often cougars take pride in their appearance and are quite financially and physically secure. Younger men tend to come to a cougar more often in order to find a physical and psychological equal. This is typically because neither cougar nor cub have found their match in their own age group.

2) Younger men care only about appearance and will prefer women without any signs of age

Cougars tend to keep themselves fit, but the idea surrounding a young man’s attraction to an older woman often transcends physical attraction. While looks and fitness are very likely to be a part of a cougar-cub relationship, they do not dictate the overall attraction, as young men are just as varied in their taste in women as anyone else. There is far more to a cougar-cub relationship than good looks and charm.

3) There is no chemistry between cougars and cubs

Regardless of the age gap between the two, cougars and cubs are able to discover common interests. It doesn’t matter what era a person was born into, as the age gap is in many ways irrelevant when it comes to a cougar-cub relationship. When a person is born does not dictate the laws of attraction.

4) An older woman will need to sacrifice her good times while the younger man is proving himself in a career

The age gap has nothing to do with the relationship shared by two people from different age groups. Many people who are far closer in age experience this same problem. This type of misconception suggests that the cougar is the more passive party in the relationship, which is highly counter-productive to any pairing. If the younger man wishes to climb his way up the corporate ladder most cougars will remain supportive while still enjoying their lives.

5) Cubs will sooner or later cheat with someone in their own age group

It is difficult to imagine where the ignorance of such a statement might come from, but age has almost nothing to do with such a matter. If a cub does decide to cheat it will not be an age-related issue, it will be because the cub is inclined to behave in such a manner. Cheating on someone because of their age does not imply a relationship that is built upon emotion, attraction, or even intellectual connections. In this case it would mean that the cub is only interested in sexual relations that are based largely around appearance. In all truthfulness if a cub does decide to cheat it is more likely that an issue arose within the relationship that could not be settled.


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