How do you exactly become a sex god or goddess in the bedroom?

Becoming a sex god or goddess is not an easy job according to London Escorts, but they have tips for you to become like them and amaze your partners with it.
Each person has a fantasy that’s hidden underneath the sheets of the bedroom. This can be an inanimate fetish or a particular activity that’s sexually enticing and exciting. Here are five tips on how one can ignite passionate erotic desires within yourself and your partner says London Escorts.
Dare to have a discussion about sexual desires. Open up a talk on sex life with your partner. What does she/he like most that you do during sex? Does he/she have sex fantasies? People don’t often talk about these because sex has been a taboo or hidden topic exclusive for adults according to the girls at London Escorts. However, there are partners who like to spice things up in the bedroom with role play, voyeurism and fetishes.
Focus on sharing. Happiness in life should be shared, and so should pleasures and orgasms during sex. Start by eye contact and sweet thoughtful conversations. This will open up emotional connections and lower down inhibitions during sex according to the Sexy Companions at London Escorts. Be sensitive when you feel that your partner is tired and offer sensual massages. This can help relax muscles and condition the body for more intimate contact. Take the pressure off the big O and just let go with the flow.
Redefine the meaning of foreplay. Some say this is what you do five minutes before real sex, but for some couples, foreplay can extend hours before you get into bed according to the girls at London Escorts. It can be as simple as flirting or teasing on text on the way home or while waiting for your partner to arrive. Reading erotic stories and watching erotic movies can also spark erotic desires.
Dispel concepts on what is normal. What do you and partner want? Except for sex in public places that’s considered illegal, only both of you can decide what it normal in your sex lives. Try something new as long as both of you consent on it according to the girls at London Escorts. Sometimes sex can become boring over time. Add some spice on your bedroom date by using sex toys or exploring new positions.
Be spontaneous. Couples who are successful in maintaining active sex life often benefit from sparks of spontaneity. A French kiss in the morning can ignite a bed of roses by the time your get home at night. Or perhaps surprise him or her with a can of whip cream on the bed. Partners an also agree on sex dates and make surprise bedroom decorations and costume role play according to the girls at London Escorts. Just be careful on making wild moves if they’re the first time, tread carefully in little steps.

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