I have learned an important lesson since a London escort left me.

I am truly thankful for my relationship with my favourite London escort. She had given me so much and for that I do thank her very much, even though my relationship with her did not last a very long time I knew that a woman like her is not easy to find. That is why I am in a very bad shape now that she has finally decided to leave me. I admit that it was really terrible for me to forsake this London escort a lot of the time but it was only because I did not know what her true value in my life really is. Now that I am living alone I hate myself. There’s a big chance that I would not be able to find what I am looking for at all. There’s still so much I wanted to do in life but I know that I might not be able to do all of the things that I truly want because I lost my favourite London escort. I believe that a girl like her would not be in my life again but I also realise that it’s the price I had to pay for my stupidity. I believe that I had been a complete fool for letting my pride take over myself. if I was smarter I would have just think of the fact that I still have a lot to do with my life but now that I am losing all of the things that I have I feel terrible about myself. I know then when my London escort left me a big part of me died and I may never be the same again. It took me a very long time to finally realise that what I’ve had was great and I should have treasured it so that things would have never been complicated in my life. But it’s alright now. I am slowly beginning to accept that that I’ve had is over and I need to be able to move on with my life so that better things could come to me. There is a big chance that I could never become the man that I really wanted to be in the first place because I had lost my relationship with my London escort who had the best kind of sexy companionship. But time for crying and waiting is now over. I should start over again and just continue to live with my life, even after letting the love of my life go I still need to do the things that I set out to do because it is what is important to me and what I set out to be. broken hearts always heal and I promise myself that the new relationship I will be in would work without a problem because I owe it to myself to do a great amount of work and care for the people that love me because no matter what I will always do my best.

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