My Babe Brother and His Cougar

My younger brother has hooked up with this cougar. I am pretty sure that he is just one of many booty calls which this woman enjoys, but he seems to be rather happy. Perhaps she has all of the sexual experience that he lacks, and he is trying
to make the most out of what he can learn along the way. Some of the girls at our London escorts service are in relationships with Sugar Daddies who are older than they, but my brother relationship with his cougar seems to differ rather a lot. I have come across all sorts of relationships at cheap escorts which do work, but I am not sure about this one. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I have met a cougar. She looked like a sexy mature lady from a cheap London escorts service to me when I met her. But, when I looked at her a little closer, I noticed that she looked rough around the edges. I am not sure she is the sort of lady you would find working for any London escorts service. You could clearly see that she seemed to have partied and lived life to the max for a long.

The dynamics of her relationship with my brother was kind of interesting. I will admit to bossing the gents I date at London escorts about, but this woman was doing so much more than bossing by brother around. She was telling him exactly what
she wanted to get done, and how to do it. Sure, my brother is probably being looked after, but in my opinion, is good nature is being abused at the same time. I would not dream of speaking to any of my London escorts dates the way she speaks to
my brother.

Could it be that most cougars are secret dominatrixes? It would not surprise me at all. The way she behaved was very much like a London escorts dominatrix. Well, she did not have any PVC or kinky clothes on. Instead, she was wearing rather sloppy gear. I think she was trying to make herself look younger, but she was not coming across like a young person. I am sure that she is probably a nice person, but she may have gone over the top with her cougar attitude.

Am I happy about my brother hanging around with a cougar? I told him to stay safe and not let her take advantage of him. The problem with my brother is that he has a very good nature and is kind. In all honesty, I think that he would be better off dating one of the girls at our London escorts service. But, ever since he started to date, my brother has been rather fascinated by older women. I am not sure where it comes from because we had rather normal childhoods. I guess it is a bit
like the men I date at London escorts, some of them seem to prefer to date young London escorts.

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