My Hot female Cougar

My new girlfriend is one of the hottest girls that I have ever met. She says that she is a bit of a cougar and I can certainly tell that she is a bit on the wildside. We met when she was working for London escorts. At the time, I had been on my own since my divorce five years ago. I had started to date the best mature London escorts which were from charlotte action escorts for some feminine company but only fell in love when I met my little cougar.

There is a bit of an age difference between me and my cougar from charlotte London escorts but it does not seem to bother her. It is strange, but I have never got on so well with a woman my entire life. Maybe I should have started to date London escorts a lot sooner than I did. As it is, I am looking forward to spending as much time with my hot little cougar as possible. This year I am even taking my cougar on a holiday to the Seychelles. She will look so hot in that bikini that I have just bought for her.

My mates don’t believe my luck. The thing is that she has a lot of experience of doing business dating with London escorts so she knows how to tone things done. My friends really like her and do not suspect that she used to work for London escorts at all. As she is so hot looking, I am not so sure that their wives approve but I cannot really do a lot about that. She still has a lot of friends at London escorts and she hangs out with them.

The truth is that even my kids like my cougar. I think that they sort of think that she is fun to be with. Once again, she has never said anything about London escorts. That is just as well as both of kids are girls. I am not sure what they would say if they knew their dad was in a relationship with a former cougar from London escorts. Still, they really get on and even go shopping together. It kind of makes me laugh when I look at them.

This is not really what I expected from my other major relationship in my life, but it is what it is.

There are so many stunning ladies at London escorts but none of the other girls that I met beat this one. We really do get in well. Yes, of course we have a bit of a wild time together but that is what life is all about when I stop and think of it. When I was 20 years old, I would never have dreamed of ending up with my own personal cougar, but I guess my luck must have changed somewhere along the line. I am sure that there are a lot of men out there my age who wish that they could tame a cougar just like me. That is a secret that I will never share…

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