When it comes to tipping and giving presents to escorts, there are no really hard and fast rules.

Most escorts that I have dated in the UK and in other places as well, do expect a tip at the end of the day. That does not mean that you are obliged to give one. But, as I always appreciate the service I get from Stansted escorts, I do leave a tip. It is not very expensive to date escorts in Stansted, and I feel that I can comfortably afford to leave a tip. It puts a smile on the girl’s face and I know that she is going to look after me on mu next date.


What about if you date the same girl a lot?  Stansted escorts service from https://charlotteaction.org/stansted-escorts has got some sexy escorts on their books, and it cam be hard to pick a girl out in the crowd. They are all amazing and if you are looking for genuine sex kittens, I would not hesitate to recommend the escort agency in Stansted. If you find yourself dating the same girl all of the time, you will probably get to know her For instance you may know what perfume she likes. I don’t do it all of the time, but every so often I will give my regular girls a gift like perfume or body lotion.


The argument between giving gifts or tips will probably rage on as long as there are escorts around. The only thing that I would say is that most girls really do appreciate a cash tips. Clearly you don’t want to do it on a restaurant basis. If you have had a lovely date for about 100 quid, you don’t want to give her a tenner. I like to be generous to the girls at Stansted escorts so I normally leave a tip about 50 quid for an hour’s date. That is worth it. Stop and think about, and you will soon realise that a nice bottle of perfume will set you back about 50 quid.




What about dinner dates? One of the top reasons businessmen date escorts is to have a couple of pretty girls sitting around the table, and at the same time, escorts will help to liven up the evening. Tipping and thanking a girl can get a little bit complicated on business dates. Your business colleagues may want to spend some personal time with the girl, and what do you do then? When I arrange business dates with Stansted escorts, I give the girls a larger tip. Yes, your friend may give her a further tip, but I think that is just fine.


Do I ever give expensive gifts to the girls at Stansted escorts? Yes, I do on occasion. One of the girls I date at Stansted escorts, I know very well, and I love to spend time with her. She helps me out on dinner dates, and I know that she makes an extra effort.  Tyna always recommends the best girls at the escort agency in Stansted for business dates, and I appreciate her help. I do buy her special gifts and she loves it. One of her favorite presents are handbags but I have been known to buy her jewelry as well. Treat your girl nicely and she will look after you in more ways than one.


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